Dancing master from Backbarrow, Cumbria. Born 1867. Married  11/10/1890 to Margaret Robinson (born 1866), daughter of Joseph William Robinson (Old Jos)  of Lakeside.

Known to have been operating in the High-Newton-in Cartmel area in the 1880s and perhaps in Kendal in about 1888.

He is known to have taught the following dances:

Horse to Newmarket
Nigger Dance
Sailors’ Hornpipe
Tambourine Dance

His pupils included:

Elizabeth Gibson
Anthony Leak

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Anthony Leak on  29 August 1962 (and original notes of the same date),  with Mrs Elizabeth Gibson on 1 July 1960 and church registers, Finsthwaite.  1890-1910.