Speciality or character dance for boys known from oral tradition in the southern Lake District, also known as the Jockey Dance.

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Tommy Cannon of Underbarrow and Crosthwaite (as the Jockey Dance)
Marion Cowper of Whitehaven
Mr Garnett active in Wicham in 1825 (as The New Jockey Dance)
James Howson operating in Flookborough
Alfred Threlfall Robinson
Joseph William Robinson (Old Jos)
Robert Carson Robinson operating in the Millom and Barrow areas.
Stainton Robinson of Windermere
Thomas Stainton of Backbarrow

One of the steps was recalled by Diddy Dixon and a full notation by Tom Barnes.  Partial notations were provided by Mr. T.W. Langhorn and Mary Hawes.   Marion Cowper was able to teach the dance to the IRT and a film of this is available here.

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with:

See also  correspondence from Tom Barnes to Tom Flett and visits to Marion Cowper by the IRT on 5/2/1983 and 1990.