Dancer from Cartmel, Lancashire, previously living in High Newton. Born c. 1887.

Mrs Airey initially learned to dance from a Mr. Ellwood in about 1894.  She later learned from Joseph Robinson (Old Jos) and for one term from Stainton Robinson.

The dances she learned from Joseph Robinson (Old Jos) and Stainton Robinson (she said they both taught the same material) were:

Of these she was able to provide full or partial notations for:

She was also taught step dancing, being able to remember the crunch, double shuffle and treble shuffle. She also recalled seeing the Greensleeves dance from Wyresdale being performed by her father some time before 1916 and was able to provide a good notation for what he did.

Information derived from an interview with Tom Flett with Mrs George Airey in August 1961.

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