The Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group held day of clog and music workshops in 1979.  In 1980 this was renamed as the Clog and Step Dance Festival.

The sixth Clog and Step Dance Festival., on 29th September 1984,  was held at the Lodden Hall, Twyford, Berkshire.

Workshops were as follows:

Earl of Errol, Scottish hard shoe step dance.  Colin Robertson.
East Fife Clog Hornpipe.  Ian Dunmur.
Liverpool Hornpipe, hard shoe step dance from Fife.  Jennifer Millest.
Beginners, North-East style. Mike Cherry.
Hornpipe, and Clog Waltz,  North-East style.  Sammy Bell.
Sammy Bell’s Clog Waltz, North-East style.  Dot Mulliner.
Sammy Bell’s Hornpipe, North-East style.  Laurie Mulliner.
Lakeland beginners.  John Walford.

There were also guest performances and a lecture by Sam Sherry entitled “Dancers in the Variety Theatre”.

The following are available: Programme.

The only film which can be dated with certainty to this event is as film of Ronnie Collis performing his pedestal clog dance:

However the following clip probably dates from the same occasion unfortunately the performer is unknown: