Robinson, Norman

Clog dancer and researcher from Grange-over-Sands, North Lancashire.

Nephew and pupil of Joseph Robinson (Young Jos)

Acted as a “local agent” for Tom Flett, searching out local dancers and informants. The following seem to have been found by him and later interviewed:

Theodore Cannon of Annan, Dumfriesshire

Information derived from correspondence between Norman Robinson and Tom Flett,dated  September 1962.

, 5, 7 & 8 January 1960


Dances / steps:

Nigger Dance

Jockey Dance

Irish Jig

Garland dance

The Clog Dance

Skirt dancing

Tambourine dance

Highland Fling (as a duet)



Mr Robinson’s Grand Junvenile Ball Programme, Crosthwaite, 6 May 1904

  1. Heel and Toe Country Dance
  2. Ballroom Polka
  3. Butterfly Skirt Dance
  4. Circassian Circle
  5. Ballroom Waltz
  6. Berlin Polka
  7. Highland Fling
  8. Pladdie Dance
  9. Horse to Newmarket
  10. Veleta Waltz
  11. Heel and Toe Polka
  12. Dancing through the Hoop
  13. Ballroom Schottische
  14. Nigger Dance
  15. Tambourine Dance
  16. Sailors Hornpipe
  17. Eclipse Waltz
  18. Westmorland Reels
  19. Grand Garlands Redona


The Hornpipe (18 steps described):  shuffle off, single shuffle, double shuffle, treble shuffle, The Hagworm Crawl, Crunch, Double Crunch, Knock Toe and Heel, Ankle rock,



Jos Robinson, snr

Stainton Robinson


In correspondence October 1962 the relationships of the Robinson Family are described.



Wilson, Miss Cissie, Hawkshead, England, 7 January 1960

Keith, Mrs Gertrude, Grange-over-Sands, England, 8 January 1960

Robinson, Mrs Grace, Grange-over-Sands, N. Lancs, England, August 1961

Flett, Tom, correspondence with Norman Robinson, 1962

  1. 5/9/1962 letter to Norman Robinson
  2. 4/10/1962 letter from Norman Robinson
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  4. Barrow (Ulverston, Grange) News, 9/3/1962, article: R C  Robinson Juvenile Ball 1863
  5. 3/4/1962 letter to Norman Robinson
  6. No date, 1962 letter from Norman Robinson
  7. 6/8/1962 letter to the editor, Barrow News

Norman and Betty Robinson, Newton-on-Grange, correspondence October 1962

334-346 Flett, Tom, Letters, January 1970. Norman Robinson‘s death

  1. Letter from EFDSS, 2 January 1970
  2. Letter from Betty Robinson, 7 January 1970
  3. Letter from EFDSS, 21 January 1970
  4. Letter to Mr Wales, 30 January 1970, plus Norman Robinson obituary
  5. Letter from Betty Robinson, 15 January 1970