The Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group held day of clog and music workshops in 1979.  In 1980 this was renamed as the Clog and Step Dance Festival

The tenth Clog and Step Dance Festival, on 24th September 1988,  was held at the Lodden Hall, Twyford, Berkshire.

Workshops were as follows:

Muileann Dubh, from North Uist and the Papa Stour Sword Dance.  Colin Robertson.
French Canadian stepping. Mike Cherry.
Freestyle slip jig steps/Improve your clog dancing.  Alex Boydell.
Sammy Bell’s Clog Waltz and Hornpipe, North-East style.  Sam Bell and Laurie Mulliner.
Irish reel steps.  Linda Henegahan.
First of August, hard shoe step dance from South Uist.  Jane Lloyd.
Lancashire Heel & Toe, the C routinePat Tracey.
Waltz routine.  Sam Sherry and Linda Downham.
Lakeland beginners.  John Walford.

There were also guest performances.


The following are available: Programme.