Dance researcher from Lancashire.  Occasionally accompanied Tom Flett on collecting trips and provided him with copy materials.

In the late 1950’s he began searching for clog dancers in the area around Colne, Nelson and Blackburn.  He met and collected from the following dancers:

Sammy Cash, clog dancer from Nelson, from whom he obtained a number of steps.
Mrs Gunstone, clog and Scottish dancer from Burnley, from whom he obtained a “Lancashire Hornpipe.”
Mr Fawcett, clog dancer from Failsworth, two steps and a finish
John Hargreaves, clog dancer from Blackburn
Veronica Ryan, clog and stage dancer from Accrington, from whom he obtained a number of “Buck and Wing” steps.
George Greenwood, clog dancer from Blackburn
Upton Hobson, clog and stage dancer from Colne from whom he obtained heel and toe style steps and other material.
Anthony Gallagher, clog dancer from Blackburn
Mrs C. Goodwin, clog dancer from Blackburn from whom he obtained a heel and toe step.
Mrs Holgate and her husband Tom, clog dancer from Downham, Lancashire, accompanied Tom Flett .
Mrs T. Gregory, clog dancer from Early, Yorkshire.

He published his initial work in the area in J. Pilling, “Buck and Wing”ED&S, XXIII, 1, (1959), 25-7 and later a more extended analysis in J. Pilling, “The Lancashire Clog Dance”FMJ, I, 3, (1967), 158-179. 

The notations are, for their time, excellent, although naturally there are some inconsistancies and uncertanties. However Julian Pilling was filmed by Roy Dommett on Sunday 6th September 1964 at the Durham Ring Meeting, run by the Morris Ring. The dance was filmed without music, but serves to resolve many of the issues with the published notations. All these resources are available. Information, notations and film clips are available via the individual dancer pages linked above.