Social dance known from oral tradition in the southern Lake District.  Also known as “La Va” and “Varsoviana”.

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Mr Blackburn of Downham
Tommy Cannon of Underbarrow and Crosthwaite
Oliver Cowper of Workington
Mr Grudgeon of Clitheroe
Jack Iveson of Penrith
“Pop” John Mason in Dent
Mr Ramage of Netherton
Joseph William  Robinson (Old Jos)
Robert Carson Robinson operating in the MIllom and Barrow areas.
Stainton Robinson of Windermere

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Lucy Short on 3 January 1960 (interviewed with Clara Boyle), Mrs Frances Gray (undated), Mr and Mrs Satterthwaite dated 26 & 29/8/1962 (plus original notes of same date), Addie Robinson on the  28 August 1962 (plus original notes of the same date) and with Roland Cowper on  6/1/1960. and interview by Tom Flett with Mr & Mrs Wannop8 January 1960, also an interview by Tom Flett and Julian Pilling with Mr. Holgate26 March 1960