Digitised copies of the Newcastle Series of publications are available via the links below:

The core of the series is the Newcastle Notation system, developed by the IRT to notate accurately, clog and step dances:

  • C. Hays, J. Jarman, A.S. Metherell, C. Metherell, A. Smith and E. Wilson, Newcastle Notation, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1981). 2nd Edition, updated and enlarged by I. Craigs and C. Metherell, (1995). The basis of all later Newcastle Notation booklets, this booklet contains full details of the notation system used in these publications.

The Newcastle Series:

Adamson, William Clog and step dancer from Kingskettle, Fife

Allison, Tiny Clog Dancer from Stanley, Co. Durham

Angus, Aylis Clog and step dancer from Newcastle

  • E. Wilson, Aylis Angus, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1981). Steps and reminiscences of a Northumbrian traveller.

Bell, Sam Clog dancer from Linton, Northumberland.

Cann, Bob Step dancer and musician from Devon.

Cowper Family Clog and step dancers from Whitehaven, Cumberland

  • A. Crane, J. Jarman, A.S. and C. MetherellThe Cowper Family. Biography and Waltz, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1983). Full biography of a family of dancing masters from Whitehaven. Includes notations for their waltz.

Dixon, Diddy Clog dancer from Crosthwaite, Cunbria

  • C. Metherell, Diddy Dixon. Exhibition Clog Dance, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1996). 2nd Edn, (nd) Notations for six exhibition steps from this Lakeland dancer from the collection of T.M. Flett.

Ellwood, Johnson Clog dancer from Stanley, Co. Durham

  • C. Metherell, The Ellwood Family Clog Steps. Part 2, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1982). The Ellwoods dominated the clog scene on Tyneside for many years. The booklet contains 11 steps without background history.

Marhoff, Viona Clog dancer from Silksworth, Co. Durham

Murphie, Dot Clog dancer from Liverpool

  • P. Smith, Dot Murphie. Hornpipe Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (2008). Dot learned her clog steps in Liverpool from a friend of her father’s. 13 steps in 4/4 time with suitable finishes.

Rice, Leslie Step dancer from Devon

Ryan, Veronica Clog and tap dancer from Accrington, Lancashire

  • C. Metherell, Veronica Ryan. The Buck and Wing Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (2009). Veronica Ryan was a dancing mistress from Accrington, Lancashire. This booklet contains notations for her 5 buck and wing steps.

Sands, Ivy  Clog dancer from Newbiggin, Northumberland

  • A.S and C. Metherell, Mrs Ivy Sands’ Single and Sailor’s Hornpipes, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, [1984]. This and the following two entries detail biographical information, together with all of Mrs Sands’ clog repertoire. Even the Sailor’s Hornpipe is danced in clogs.

Sherry, Sam Clog and tap dancer from Galgate, Lancashire

Steele Family Clog dancers from Crewe

  • C. Metherell, The Steele Family Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (nd). Steps learned by members of the family from their father, a native of Crewe.

Surtees, John Clog dancer from Billingham

  • J. Jarman and C. Metherell, The Clog Steps of Mr John Surtees, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1982). Mr Surtees’ full repertoire (hornpipe, waltz and schottische steps) with background information.

Toaduff, Jackie Clog and tap dancer and entertainer from Stanley, Co. Durham.

Willis, Elsie Clog dancer from Shiremoor, Northumberland

  • C. Metherell and A. Crane, Mrs Willis. The First Hornpipe, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, [1986]. This and the following two entries comprise a biography and notations for Mrs Elsie Willis’ entire clog repertoire.
  • C. Metherell, A. Crane and I. Craigs, Mrs WillisThe Double Hornpipe, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1987).

Woodcock, Alex  Clog dancer from Alnwick, Northumberland

  • C. Metherell, Alex Woodcock. The Waltz Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1991). Biography and notations for the waltz steps collected from Mr Woodcock, originally of Alnwick, Northumberland.
  • I. Craigs and C. Metherell, Alex Woodcock. Schottische Steps. Taught at the Sidmouth Festival, August 1994, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1995). Biography and notations for six schottische steps, as taught in 1994.
  • I. Craigs, C. Metherell and J. SmithAlex Woodcock. Rag Steps, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (2003). Biography and notations for nine steps in fast 4/4 rhythm.

Other publications

  • C. MetherellThe First of August, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1982). A hebridean hard shoe step dance collected by T.M. Flett from South Uist.